Pasta Night

Lately I’ve been dreaming of Italy, I’ve been listening to Louis Prima nonstop and planning a hypothetical return trip to Lake Como. I decided since our next destination is Bali that I’d bring Italy to our kitchen. I ordered an Atlas pasta maker on amazon and went to work. I used the recipe for the pasta dough that came with the machine. It was 250 grams of soft wheat flour, 250 grams of semolina flour, five eggs and some ice water. I was pretty intimidated starting out and I think the pasta sensed that because my first batch was so sticky and horrible that I flung it in to the trash can. I was covered in for flour and so flustered. I put on Buona Sera, took a couple deep breaths and tried again. This time the eggs weren’t as cold so it came out perfectly, queue Italian grandma kisses.

I let the dough rest after it was throughly kneaded and started on my sauce. I went with Mark Bittman’s Puttanesca sauce, minus the olives. It was a fantastic sauce, very light and fresh. The anchovies and capers added a lot of depth to the sauce.

Once my dough had rested I cut it into sections and started the process of making it into sheets, I recruited Roberts help with this. The pasta dough was still a little sticky so I had to keep dusting it with semolina flour. After sending each piece through the flat rollers a couple of times it was time to make it into spaghetti. When I try this again I’d roll the pasta a bit thinner because it turned out a little thick.

Now came the moment of truth, the sauce was ready, the water was liberally salted and boiling all that was left was to throw in the pasta  we cooked it for two minutes in two batches and then added the pasta to the sauce. It was FANTASTIC, we polished all of it off and it didn’t feel like we ate a bowling ball. Homemade pasta has such a stark difference to store-bought.

I hope you enjoyed my first entree into pasta making and stayed tuned for ravioli Saturday’s. tu e buonanotte amo!



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