Giorgio Baldi

Last night we went to one of my favorite restaurants. Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica Canyon is the old school Italian restaurant of my dreams. Frequented by celebrities, there is usually a large crowd of paparazzi out front waiting for a picture of someone coming out of the tall hedges that cover the front of the building. Frank Sinatra and dimmed lights make for the perfect Friday night double date spot.

I started out with one of my favorite appetizers on the planet. The octopus carpaccio with fried capers and boiled potatoes. They cook the octopus first and then thinly slice it. After that they marinate it in lemon juice. The fried crispy capers add just enough crunch to the dish. My second course was sweet corn ravioli topped with white truffles, another favorite. The raviolis are small and delicate, about the size of a nickel. They’re tossed in a truffle and butter sauce and they melt in your mouth. Not exaggerating I could probably eat a gallon of those babies. My main course was a pan-fried Dover sole in a lemon butter sauce. I really enjoyed it, it was light, rich and tangy at the same time. For dessert Rob and I shared a budino and an apple turnover with chocolate sauce and vanilla gelato. I love a good budino, I order one whenever they’re offered. The flakes of maldon salt on top balanced the sweetness perfectly . The apple turnover was pretty mediocre but we ate the gelato happily.

Robert didn’t enjoy his meal, side note he always ignores what I say is fantastic and orders strange things. He started with a prosciutto and mozzarella crostini that looked good on the menu but the crostini was soggy and the mozzarella was too chewy. For his main course he got the veal milanese, it came on the bone and was as big as a standard dinner plate. He had to get three extra sides of lemon because it was so dry.

In my book Giorgio Baldi is still one of my favorites in Los Angeles. They could work on their service though, it’s packed with employees but it was difficult to get anyone’s attention.

I give it 4/5 stars.


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