Recent Travel

So this summer has been pretty crazy traveling wise for me. Our first trip this summer was to Turks and Caicos, for anyone who hasn’t been I highly recommend it. We stayed at our friends house in the Amanyara resort. It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to and the service was exceptional. Side note, I’m a real stickler for hotel and restaurant service. This trip was very relaxing, we floated around most of the day out in the ocean, then the girls would go play tennis and the boys would play on the golf simulator. Rob and I got fantastic couples massages when we were there and ate a shitton of food, which yes is an accurate measurement. I’ll put up some pictures from the trip so you guys know I’m not exaggerating about how fantastic this place was.


We were home for four days before we went to Kauai. It is by far my favorite of the Hawaiian islands. We went with Rob’s family on this trip. For the first week we stayed in two cottages on Hanalei Bay. It rained almost everyday when we were there which kind of sucked but kept us from getting too sunburnt. The UV rating was 13, thanks global warming. The second week we stayed in a big two acre estate on Palaka road. It was on a ridge above a nature reserve, lots of photo ops. His family is very active so we were constantly on the move. A couple of my favorite activities were a zodiac boat snorkel trip on the Nepali coast. It was crazy bumpy but a lot of fun, I felt like seal team six going to find a terrorist living in a sea cave. We also went on an off road ATV adventure on a cattle ranch. It was insane how muddy we got and how many times Rob almost flipped over, he was way too fast and furious for his own good.


After Kauai we were home for ten hours before we left for New York. Rob’s business partner was getting married so we went out there to spend a couple days in the city and then head up to Connecticut for the wedding. I love New York if for no other reason than the food. The first night we stayed at the Edition Hotel which I thought was great. The service was good and it had an all round good vibe. The first day we went to Eataly for lunch, I LOVE THAT PLACE. If I lived in New York I would be in there every day. But pretty soon my prayers will be answered, they’re opening one in Century City! All hail the lord of light aka Mario Batali. Anyways we had a huge charcuterie board, picture to follow, and I drooled over the bread bar for a good ten minutes. That night we went to Bowery Meat Company, I enjoyed it. They bring over a platter of steaks for you to choose from, I went for the rack of lamb, I’m a sucker for those babies. They brought out arancinis first so I knew I was in for a treat. The foie gras we ordered was fantastic, they seasoned it just right. The boys split a gigantic steak that they were very happy with.

The next day we moved over to the four seasons, which is currently under renovation so the rooms we stayed in were a little outdated but the service was excellent. I hold the four seasons to a pretty high standard service wise and they did not disappoint. We spent the day at Bergdorfs and did some serious damage. Robert actually said I’ll take them all, wish I had it on camera. After that we went to B&H electronics, which if your even slightly interested in technology it is pretty awesome. I tried some virtual reality glasses which I did not enjoy in the slightest. I almost threw them across the room when the video started getting scary. They redeemed themselves with a video of the avengers even though it wasn’t Chris Hemsworth, collective sigh. That night we went to Shuko and all seven of us ordered the kaiseki meal. It was seven courses of delicious sushi goodness. I didn’t take any pictures sadly. The food was eaten as soon as they put it on the table. The ambiance there is really cool, they have no sign on the front door and only a sushi bar or the downstairs private room we ate in. They played hip hop the whole time, I need to get my hands on their Spotify playlist.

Then we were off to Connecticut, we stayed at the Mohegan sun casino which I do not recommend unless you’re a degenerate gambler like the rest of our group. Nick and Sabrina got married at Saltwater farm vineyard, it was very pretty. It used to be a private airport, and the reception was held in what used to be an airplane hangar but was now a very nice venue. There were no crab cakes, but the short ribs for dinner were pretty good. We had a serious Backstreet Boys sing along, they’re back alright. I’m just going to say I love weddings, my other profession would probably be a wedding planner if I felt so inclined


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